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Student Services & Discounts

Canadian WIDE@3x.png has been assisting students from over 100 countries, 

successfully enrolled at over 80 Universities and Faculties in the Czech Republic for more than 15 years in close partnership with Pojištovna VZP a.s. ‘PVZP’ and 

Hamilton Hudson sro  for students seeking alternatives where available.


This website is designed to deliver your private Pojištovna VZP, a.s. Health Insurance documents to you immediately, and with the lowest student rates. 

Please visit this link for important visa information and all health insurance requirements.


If you are a full time student of an accredited study programme between 15 and 30 years old and would like the student rate, you must provide an acceptance/confirmation letter or valid ISIC card from your Czech university verifying your enrollment. The letter must be dated within 90 days of today's date.

*The discounted student rate won't be provided if not meeting the requirements above.

For personalized service such as a rate re-calculation or special delivery requests of paper documents. Kindly submit form bellow to receive an email reply with cost saving payment options such as direct Bank Transfer to be paid in full upon approval. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and use the space provided for any special delivery requests.

Please find the most required STUDENT rates for the Exclusive* and Comprehensive Plus insurance plans. Both plans meet long term visa requirements and urgent care in the Schengen zone area is automatically included.

*The application for Exclusive plan is a subject to approval. We may require medical exam or related medical reports. This might take several days or more.


* All rates are stated in CZK and are subjects to change without prior notice.

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