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Pregnancy and Maternity Coverage

Consider the following if planning to give birth in Czech Republic:
Who will pay the doctor and hospital bills? 

- A routine pregnancy and delivery with no complications costs over     60,000.Kč on average in the Czech Republic

How will I afford the medical bills if there are any 
complications requiring surgery or hospital stay?

- The Medical costs for comlications during pregnancy or after 

  delivery  are very expensive

Pregnancy and Maternity Coverage
If baby is born with complications and needs health insurance,
will baby get approved, with 'pre-existing conditions' covered? 

- Foreigners' private health insurance does not pay for any pre-existing conditions,           However....... 


VZP Pregnancy and Maternity coverage is the answer!



Most expectant mothers don't understand the hidden financial risks and costs that may result in a complicated pregnancy or delivery

  • You can purchase our plan even if you are already pregnant!  Any unforeseen complications for Mother OR Baby will be covered.  Please follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Contact Us to schedule a medical exam at a doctor's office in the Czech Republic
2.Doctor completes and signs this Medical Exam report in Czech language. Be sure the doctor performs ALL required tests listed in this report. You might be required to revisit the doctor to take additional medical tests, if required by VZP's medical review.
3.Submit this Medical Exam report together with a completed on-line application at Apply & Pay no later than 30 days from the medical exam date.
4.Make complete payment upon approval of your application and exams. You will receive all necessary insurance documents and ID card within 48 hours of approval.

  • VZP Will cover all medical costs related to maternity, from the 3rd month of pregnancy through delivery and hospital discharge 

  • All costs of Complications, Surgery, and Hospital stay are covered except a premature delivery prior to the 8th month of pregnancy


  • By purchasing this coverage, your baby is guaranteed to be covered after birth,
    EVEN IF born with pre-existing conditions

  • Pregnancy and Maternity coverage costs 65,900.Kč for 12 months or 131,800.Kč for two years
    - full payment is required upon approval of your application and exam

  • If you are planning a pregnancy and already have, Maternity coverage is free of charge -if pregnancy occurs 9+ months prior to the end date of your current VZP insurance.
    No medical exam is required


  • Please note that without this coverage, the local costs for Prenatal Care and Hospital Childbirth are much more!

  • VZP is the ONLY company that works in direct coordintation with YOUR doctor 

Please call our experienced OB/GYN and Maternity specialist,  Miss Tereza Zlamova at +420.776 162 499 to schedule an appointment to discuss the proceedures for giving birth with Health Insurance

in the Czech Republic 

(12noon-8pm Sunday>Wednesday -4pm Thursday & Friday, Closed on Saturday) 

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